Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chalk art

What is it about chalk art these days? 

I wonder how something so classic and old-fashioned as writing on a chalkboard can become a trend, yet I find myself very much enthralled with the activity. I think it's the simplistic elegance that I find so appealing. In a world thriving on bold flashing signs and technology always at your fingertips, I long for a traditional and tranquil way to express my creativity. 

I remember playing school as a child, with a metal pail full of broken chalk pieces and a small green chalkboard to practice multiplication. I can feel the chalky substance under my fingernails, the colors mixing together on the palms of my hands. The way you could take a chalk-covered index finger and smear it across the board to create swirly designs. The way the eraser never really cleaned the board but rather brushed the chalk to the edges, collecting in little piles of dust. 

Now days I've traded in the chalk and eraser for a marker and damp cloth. But while my hands stay cleaner, my fulfillment is greater. Through triumphs and mistakes, chalk art is easy to jump into, knowing in the end you can begin again with a simple swipe of a wet cloth.

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